Cadillac Dawgs

New Country


Welcome to the

DawgHouse Studios at Lake Travis
  • They call it "New Country"
  • Because it's not your father's kind
  • It has a harder edge
  • And it'll blow your freakin' mind

Based in Austin, Texas...

Butt rocking the world
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Country with a big bite

It's Cowboy Boots and Cadillacs, shiny wheels with the top thrown back, going out to do it all again.  Full of sh!t and Lone Star Beer, they know just what they're gonna hear.  But ya know they'll always come right back        in Cowboy Boots - and Cadillacs


Well, it seems I'm at the point of no return
Tell me why does it seem I'm always gettin burned
Well, I need to find something that will cure my ills
Instead of drinking whiskey and popping these pills
I need to find some therapy for this heart of mine

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Music for any audience

Dedicated to the memory of Pat       Collins & Frank Raymond, III -         now in  heaven's all-star band